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"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success ... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything."
-- Nikola Tesla

Quoted by Cleveland Moffitt, 'A Talk With Tesla', Atlanta Constitution (7 Jun 1896)

Here are links to programs and utilities that I wrote. The newest ones are listed first.

Rogue Class Linux - Rogue Class is a toy Linux distribution for playing games and reading books. Rogue Class Linux has a streamlined installer and it supports joystick controls in most of the programs.

Timelord - Timelord is a minimal time tracking program I wrote for Jennie in 2012. It requires a 64-bit version of Windows and appears as a tardis icon in the system tray.

djvu2x - DJVU2X is an application to view DJVU files on the GP2X, which is a small computer that runs Linux on two AA batteries.

webxspf - Public domain player that plays an XSPF play list of Ogg Vorbis songs in Chrome or Firefox. For example usage, click a Play button on the following page. netmusic.html

Set - Wrote a solitaire version of The Game of Set that can be played in a web browser.

pentcl - Ported the Perl PostScript::Simple module to JavaScript, Lua, PHP, and TCL as an exercise. I removed file operations from the PostScript class to make it more portable.

pysf - Public domain utility that will convert a soundfont file to an XML configuration file and a collection of .wav files. It also converts in the other direction, making it a good low level soundfont editor. This can be used to transmit a change to a soundfont file without transmitting the entire soundfont. My goal was to be able to create computer instruments for my MIDI keyboard.

sfubar - Predecessor to pysf, written in C rather than Python. Also public domain.

pat2raw - Public domain utility to convert GUS patches to raw audio files.

maptoy - I wrote this application in TCL/TK. I fit the application and a complete set of topographic maps for Oregon on a 1:100000 scale onto a DVD. The application runs on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. The maps are stored as a couple thousand image files, and maptoy presents these as a single continuous map. It uses HTML and CSS print media to paginate the output and print a selected area in sections on a normal color printer. Not available for download due to the size, but feel free to contact me for a copy of the DVD. My goal was to print my own hiking maps.

ucs2any - Font conversion utility. Written in C to help remove Perl from the X build process.

atactl - I did not write atactl, but I added support for the SMART feature on IDE hard drives. As you can see from the CVS log, the NetBSD folks had to fix several bugs in my code. My goal was to configure a more reliable mail server. - In the late 90's I wrote a minimal C library and modified the bzip2 library to be able to seek within the compressed file. I included a floppy format utility and a small program to navigate chapters and search the King James Version of the Bible. The result was Bible On A Floppy, and it could copy itself to another floppy.

bomberman - In the mid 90's I used a SuperNES emulator to take screen shots and rip the graphics from Bomberman. I forward-ported the MS-DOS Mikmod code, because at the time it was dropped from the Mikmod sources. I also integrated Mikmod with the Allegro library and DJGPP. The result was a multi-player bomberman clone that looked and sounded nice. My goal was to get some experience with GCC and game programming, because a friend invited me to help develop a Playstation game project he was involved in. I do not distribute it because it would violate copyright law.